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It is easy to enrich your wardrobe with the new outfit every now and then. And if you are among those who could not resist the charm of buying saree on every other occasion, then you must be finding it hard to provide proper care to your lovely regular/casual sarees. No matter how much they cost, it is important to take proper care of casual wear sarees as well as party wear sarees.

Casual Wear Saree

Casual Wear Saree

The most loved Indian attire

 It is one of those outfits that have a personality. Though, we often say that the choice of color and fabric says a lot about a person, but when we talk about sari, you will be mesmerized with the options that this Indian outfit offers to you. Whether you are in your early 20’s and want to show off the whole world your vibrant spirit or you are in late 50’s and wish to carry your signature style wrapped in elegant silk, your sari will do it on your behalf, that is the reason, despite hundreds of options, Indian women still love wrapping this outfit.

Explore the rich world of saree and you will be surprised with the variety that it offers to you. Whether you want to pick regular wear saree for office purpose or need to casual wear saree online for hangout and outing. It is important to ensure that the saree gets proper care and maintenance for a longer life. Now even daily/casual wear sarees come with embroidery and embellishment. Here we are sharing some basic care tips that one must follow with their formal, and casual saris:

Casual Wear Sarees

Casual Wear Sarees

Few Must Follow Saree Care Tips

Sunlight treatment: This tip is highly recommendable for  sari with pure fabrics like silk, chiffon and georgette. Take your saris out of closet in every six months and show them sunlight for few hours. Change the folds of the sari and  put them back in the cupboard.

Storing silk sarees: Silk is evergreen fabric and the recent change in design and fashion has made it a fabric for every occasion. If you have a collection of silk regular,casual wear sarees or just a few precious for special occasions, it is recommended to store them in cool and dry place and never ever hang them on metal hangers. It is recommended to keep the sari in a  cotton bag or wrap them with cotton cloth. This will protect the fabric from humidity and fungal growth.

Storing heavy work saree: never hang them on a hanger and always fold the work inwards to prevent any tear.

Washing saree: It is recommended to follow the wash care instructions as told by the seller. It is suggested not to wash heavy sari at home. Seek professional cleaner’s service to keep the attire, clean and hygienic.

Follow these super easy sari care tips and add some more years in its life.

Fashion and Trend Matters

Keep the track of the fashion trends and choose saris that add a variety in your collection, though the fashion keeps evolving and revolving, yet having few saris that match the latest trend is a must. No matter what your age is or what the reason, shopping for outfits are something that we cannot completely put away even if we have a closet loaded with sari!!

Sometimes it is a personal need, sometimes it is the demand of the time and sometimes you just can’t resist the charm of flowing fabric. Drape it elegantly, you can try open pallu or pleat it to pin it on the shoulder.

Lilots, would love to be your Regular and casual wear sarees online shop, explore the collection and you will be amazed with the options that we offer to our customers. Though, saree is traditional Indian casual wear sarees, but it is suitable for all time and occasion. Whether you want it for personal purpose or  it is for others, our collection will definitely give you a chance to pick some ravishing sari for your collection.

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